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What We Insure

Auto Insurance In California

Aims Insurance Services had been providing cheapest auto insurance to California for over 15 years. The reason we’ve helped tens of thousands of people just like you is because we know that each of you is different and has unique requirements when it comes to policy coverage.

Homeowners Insurance In California

Aims Insurance Services has homeowner policy experts that will get you the coverage that makes sense for situation, and we’ll provide this coverage at the most affordable rate possible. We provide low cost home insurance in California.

If you currently have Homeowner Insurance with another agency, please call us for a FREE Homeowner Analysis. We’ll look at your current policy and see if you’re sufficiently covered, then see if there are ways for you to save money.


Renters Insurance In California

Most renters have accumulated more assets than they think. And just because these assets are located in a rental doesn’t make them any less important. Whether you’re renting an apartment, home or townhouse, an unforeseen event could damage or destroy your assets and there would be no opportunity to recover the value. We offer cheapest renters insurance in California. Renters insurance can protect personal property in the event of theft, fire, or in case a visitor to your rented property sustains injury or death. 


All Commercial Insurance In California

Whether your business is large or small, Aims Insurance Services offers low cost business insurance options in California to fit your needs and budget. 


Motorcycle Insurance In California

Whether you’re a beginner on a motorcycle or have lots of experience, having a good time and being safe is what it’s all about.  And being responsible means getting Motorcycle insurance.  And being smart means calling Aims Insurance Services. We offer great rates on best and cheapest Motorcycle Insurance in California.


Watercraft Insurance In California

If you love to participate in events on the sea such as fishing, sailing or cruising around on your powerboat, it is important to obtain boat insurance which provides you protection against liability risk as well as your watercraft, your passengers and any other equipment. Aims Insurance provide cheap boat insurance in California. 


Mexico Insurance In California

Aims Insurance Services offers Mexico Insurance.  It is very important to have Mexico Insurance when driving in Mexico. Many traffic laws are similar between Mexico and the U.S. but


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We've been with AIMS for about 2 years and AJ has been there every step of the way. He's moved offices and I still call him directly. I would recommend him 100%.

Sandra Resendiz